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SMT complete processing scheme, automatic solder paste printing machine, lead-free reflow soldering, lead-free wave soldering ring city automation supply complete processing scheme, is your first choice for venture capital, provide strong technical support and personnel training!
Solder paste screen printer
I. SMT production process
1. Appearance mounting process
(1) One-sided assembly: (all surface mounted components are on one side of PCB) incoming inspection - > solder paste mixing - > printing solder paste - > patch - > reflow soldering
(2) Double-sided assembly; (Appearance mounting components are on both sides of PC B A and B respectively) incoming material detection - > PC B A-side printing solder paste - > patch - > A-side reflow soldering - > turning plate - > PC B B B-side printing solder paste - > patch - > B-side reflow soldering - > (cleaning) - > inspection - > repair
2. Mixing process
(1) One-sided mixing process: (plug-ins and surface mounting components are on the A side of PCB) incoming material testing - > solder paste mixing - > PCB A printing paste - > patch - > A surface reflow welding - > PCB A surface plug-in - > wave soldering or dipping welding (a few plug-ins can be welded by hand) - > cleaning - > inspection - > repair (first paste and then insert)
(2) Double-sided mixing process: (Appearance mounting component is on the A side of PC B, plug-in is on the B side of PC B)
A. incoming inspection - > solder paste mixing - > PC B A-side printing solder paste - > patch - > reflow soldering - > PC B B B-side plug-in - > wave soldering (a few plug-ins can be welded by hand) - > (cleaning) - > inspection - > repair
B. Material inspection - > PC B's A-side screen printing solder paste - > patch - > Handicraft solder paste for PC B's A-side plug-in - > PC B's B-side plug-in - > reflow soldering - > (cleaning) - > inspection - > repair (surface mounted components in PC B's A, B, plug-in's arbitrary side or double side of PC B). The reflow soldering of double-sided PC B's A and B's double-sided external mounted components is carried out first by double-sided assembly method. Connect and then weld the double-sided plug-in.
2. Introduction of SMT process equipment 1. Template: (Stencil)
The first step is to confirm whether the template is processed or not according to the planned PCB. If the patch components on PCB are only resistors and capacitors and encapsulated at 1206 or more, it is not necessary to make templates, and solder paste is coated with needle barrel or SMT automatic dispensing equipment; when the chip encapsulated in PCB with SOT, SOP, PQFP, PLCC and BGA and the chip encapsulated with resistors and capacitors below 0805, it is necessary to make templates. General templates are divided into chemical etching copper template (low price, suitable for small batch, test and chip pin distance > 0.635mm); laser etching stainless steel template (high precision, high price, suitable for large-scale, active production line and chip pin distance < 0.5mm). About the development, small batch production or distance > 0.5mm, our company recommends the use of etched stainless steel template.

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