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SMT Electronics SMT Patch Processing Process

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What is the detailed process of SMT patch processing in electronic processing?

1. The production notice shall first be announced by the Marketing Department,
which shall be signed by the General Manager and told to the corresponding part.
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2. The production department checks the status of the stock materials according to the production notice and BOM (bill of materials) form.
If the materials are short, the production department needs to send the material purchase requisition form (arrears form) to the purchase department.

3. Purchasing Department purchases materials according to the material requisition form and the production notification form of the marketing department,
and replies to the material arrival time and status, and informs the relevant parts of the development status.

4. The purchasing department checks the quantity, labeling, specification and packing requirements of the materials supplied by the supplier one by one according to the purchase order, and then puts them into the waiting area to be inspected for IQC to carry out the incoming material inspection; IQC inspects the materials according to the corresponding specifications and samples according to the sampling criteria, such as checking the coincidence ticket, checking in the warehouse, and Issuing the abnormal quality sheet if the inspection does not meet the requirements. Line processing.

5. After the inspection of the inspection part, the material Distribution Department will distribute the materials, and prepare and distribute the materials according to the production order and BOM (bill of materials).

6. Before production, SMT material checking is also required. Material specifications and quantities are checked according to BOM and production orders. Material specifications and quantities are checked to see if they are correct. If there is a mistake, tell the relevant parts to check and issue from scratch.

7. Then the SMT programming is completed. After the programming is completed, the feeding process is completed. After the feeding is finished, the quality department checks the materials and bill of materials at the station again. Then the SMT first piece is processed. After the processing is completed, it is admitted that the materials pasted on the corresponding PCB orientation are in accordance with the specifications on the BOM sheet. It is true that the material pasted on the corresponding PCB orientation meets the specifications on the BOM sheet.
Identify the first requirement and record it to the relevant leaders for recognition.

8. Five PCS over-reflow soldering is the first step for PCBA with good patches, and the soldering effect is recognized by AOI or appearance inspection. There should be no false welding, tin linking, tin beads, equipment offset and other undesirable phenomena. If it is admitted that there is no reflux welding problem, the corresponding on-line detection is carried out, and the PCB board can work normally, and the first record is made.

9. All PCBA requirements are checked and documented.
10. The recognized PCBA will be packed in protective packaging, packed in boxes, and affixed with label cards on each outer box, and sampled again before storage.

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