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Shanghai NEPCON China successfully concluded

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NEPCON China, as a public praise exhibition of China Electronic Exhibition, has a rich variety of exhibitions. SIP System-level Packaging Exhibition, Automation Exhibition, Intelligent Factory Exhibition, SMT Full-automatic Solder Paste Screen Printet Exhibition and so on. NEPCON China Shanghai Electronic Exhibition was solemnly held in Shanghai World Expo Hall from April 24 to 26.
SMT solder paste screen printer.
smt 锡膏印刷机
Shenzhen Huancheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd (HC AUTOMATION) participated in Shanghai NEPCON China this time. In recent years, Huancheng has been working hard on the performance of equipment. Every exhibition brings the latest technology. Every industry event will also have the image of the ring city, continuous praise and recognition, is the driving force for the continuous progress of the ring city.
Founded in 2011, the company provides technological progress for China's industrial 4.0, and has made breakthroughs in SMT industry automation.
SMT is the leading manufacturer of automatic solder paste printing machine. It is also a high-quality supplier of FPCB automatic gluing machine and labeling machine in various electronic industries. Committed to SMT manufacturing process and production equipment research and development, production, sales, to provide customers with automated production solutions as a whole.
At the same time, as a member of IPC technology alliance and a member of SMT Committee of Guangdong Province, Huancheng keeps abreast of the most advanced technology of SMT industry in the world, and continuously studies and develops advanced production technology and equipment to meet the needs of the industry, so as to help customers improve their quality and production efficiency.

The products on display at this exhibition are CC Series, with automatic tin adding and dispensing functions, providing customers with more intelligent products.

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