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SMT Printer operator job responsibilities

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What are the job duties of the SMT Solder Paste screen printer operator? Below HC AUTOMATION for everyone to answer.
1. Printing quality control
The SMT printer should be responsible for the quality of the printed board. For the boards of link Tin, Less Tin and More Tin, the board cannot be pulled down.
2.Stencil protection
The printer should be careful when using and installing the stencil, the mixing knife can not be placed on the steel mesh to prevent damage to the stencil and scraper when the scraper is pressed. Special attention should be paid to the placement of the thimble. Other debris other than the thimble should not be placed under the stencil.
3. Cleaning and storage of stencil
Every time the stencil is used, the surface, side surface and stencil hole of the stencil should be carefully cleaned. In particular, the stencil hole needs to be cleaned with a toothbrush to prevent the solder paste from being clogged and affecting the tin. . The stencil should be stored on the steel grid, and the side of the logo should be on the outside for easy searching.
4, the use of solder paste
The use of solder paste should strictly follow the guidelines for the use of solder paste, only one-third of the bottle can be placed on the steel network at a time. Stirring was resumed after 4 hours of printing. Solder paste bottles should be scraped clean to prevent waste. Pay attention to the recovery of the solder paste on the steel mesh and scraper.
5, misprinted board cleaning
For the misprinted board cleaning, first use the mixing knife to scrape the surface of the solder paste, but be careful not to be too strong, to prevent scratching the PCB, and then wipe the board with cloth or paper Face, pay attention to wipe clean. Then blow the PCB with a wind gun. For PCBs with gold fingers, special care should be taken not to immerse the board in the wash water. Only wipe it with cloth or paper, and do not wipe the gold finger. Gold fingers can't stick solder paste.
6. Printing machine cleaning
The printer should clean the printing machine at any time to keep the body clean, especially if it is stuck with solder paste or blotting everywhere.
7, Stencil installation
For stencil installation, the printer should pay attention to one-time installation in place, and master the installation skills and methods, especially the PCB fixed, must be fixed, increase the repeatability of printing.
8. Equipment safety operation Please refer to the “Equipment Operation Guide” for the use and safe operation of the SMT printing machine. If an abnormal situation occurs, immediately press the emergency switch to prevent the machine from injuring the accident. In particular, the scraper is sharp, and the action should be gentle during the operation. When cleaning the steel mesh, be careful not to be cut by the scraper and crushed.
The above is a description of the SMT press operator's job responsibilities, want to know more about SMT press knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site.
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