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The characteristics of SMT PRINTER

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We all know that the automatic solder paste printing machine is composed of a series of programs, such as plate loading, solder paste adding,
stamping, transmission circuit board, etc.

It is through fixing the material to a fixed position, then placing the solder paste on the PCB evenly through the left and right scrapers,
and input it to the SMT through the transmission platform,so as to carry out the automatic SMT, which is the working principle of the solder paste printing machine.

What are the characteristics of automatic printing press

Automatic Stencil Printer
We talked about the working principle of the solder paste press, but do you know what its characteristics are? Since a product exists,it must have its inherent characteristics of survival, no features will definitely be eliminated. What are its characteristics? Let's take a look at it.
First, the design of solder paste printing press is more intelligent and simplified, which cancels the previous complicated operation procedures and
can be operated by one key. Speed can also be adjusted freely, you can think fast, think slowly, at the same time, the angle of the scraper can also be adjusted arbitrarily,
so that a full range of experience, so that you can operate more convenient!

Second: Have a good screen saver design. In this way, screen damage can be avoided in use for too long.
This function can also adjust the use time by itself, which greatly improves the use time of touch screen.

Thirdly, through internal system adjustment, one-way printing and two-way printing can be adjusted. At the same time,
it can adjust a number of printing forms, thus avoiding the single printing form, so as to meet the needs of a variety of printing modes,
can meet each printing demand, solder paste printer from this point fully reflects the ability of business;

Fourth: In printing, the most difficult thing is to adjust the correct position. The solder paste printer designs its scraper base.
It can be adjusted before and after, so that it can be adjusted according to the needs in printing, and can better select the position of its own printing needs.

Fifthly, a good output system is used, so that a complete system can be set up to adjust into the working area. Through this system to adjust each link of the work,
so that it can be more convenient to ensure the normal progress of each work, so as to achieve each progress can be seated on the right number;

Sixth: The solder paste printing machine has the intelligent characteristic, can count automatically, can record the quantity of production by itself,
so as to calculate the production efficiency, but also can assign tasks according to the record.

Seventh: We have adopted relatively high and new technologies and introduced Taiwan's technologies.
The scraper is driven by the guide rail and motor to ensure the accuracy of the printing process.

If the accuracy is not guaranteed, the success rate of printing can be imagined.
The characteristics of solder paste printing press are excellent. Compared with traditional solder paste printing press, it is simpler and more humane.
We only need to have a comprehensive understanding of it before operation and fully understand each characteristic.
Only in this way can we give full play to its outstanding characteristics!

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